CC Gemini Die, Frame - Square

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  • Largest die measures 4.6" x 2.1" (11.6cm x 5.3cm)
  • Perfect for creating window cards, shaker cards and more
  • Compatible with Gemini and other leading die-cutting machines

Gemini Elements Metal Die - Square Frames

Create incredible edging and frame detailing with this set of Square Frame Dies from Gemini Elements.

In this set, you receive two dies to give you a bit of variety in your framing - a solid square die and a square die with ornate corners. This means you can get creative and experiment with each frame to get your desired effect!

As these dies have been designed to be used mainly as frames, you can use them to create window cards, shaker cards, homemade photo frames and so much more. You could even use the pieces that you cut out in your matting and layering.

Dies are the perfect tools for adding precisely cut and detailed shapes to your papercraft projects. All you need is a die-cutting machine, a die and your chosen card or paperstock. Simply place the die with the blade side facing upwards on to your cutting plate. Add your chosen paper on top, then sandwich the whole thing with another cutting plate. Slowly roll this through your die-cutting machine and you'll be left with a crisp cut every time.

This is the perfect set to help you build up your cardmaking collection!