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EARLY Check-In on Thursday, April 4th  3:00 PM

EARLY Check-In on Thursday, April 4th 3:00 PM

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**Lakeview Hecla Resort**
The only additional cost the resort is charging to come out Thursday is for your Hotel Room. 

Its $100 plus tax, so $113.

The roommates split this cost between themselves, so if there are 2 of you sharing a room, its only $56.50 ea.  Its $37.67 each with three roommates and $28.25 split amongst four!

Only one EARLY Check In purchase is required per room.  Roommates can reimburse each other the applicable share.

Check in Thursday and start working in the CROP ROOM right away!

We're on our own for food Thursday night but there are amenities in your room, and restaurants onsite. Coming out Thursday is wonderful for the extra time it gives us in the Crop Room. You can start working on your projects right away! When you wake up there Friday, you're all ready to go again and not just arriving and setting up.