Pentart Liquid Patina

Pentart Liquid Patina

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Pentart Liquid Patina, 30 mL (milliliters) = 1.01 ounces

Pentart Liquid Patina is a solvent-based medium which creates an antique effect on your projects. Liquid Patina can be used on many types of project materials with various Pentart mediums.

Apply with a soft cloth or brush. Ideas and uses for Pentart Liquid Patina. 

  • Apply Liquid Patina on Crackle Paste for antique effect.
  • Apply over acrylic painted projects.
  • Apply a coat of decoupage varnish over scrapbook paper or photos then apply Liquid Patina for aged effect. Makes photos and paper look old. 
  • Age stencil designs with Liquid Patina.
  • Apply to decoupaged projects over crackled surfaces to age the crackle lines.
  • Apply to canvas art.
  • Clean brushes with turpentine-based solvent.