Pentart Fineline Crackle Varnish - Two Size Options

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Hairline cracks in old porcelain shells can be imitated if the fine-line cracking varnish is used to create a surface crack. 

Apply the first component to the surface of the already decorated object, then after it has completely dried, thoroughly distribute the second component using circular movements with your finger. 

The second phase varnish layer cracks during drying, the cracks can be highlighted by rubbing the surface with a non-aqueous coloring material (e.g. PENTART liquid patina or PENTART anti-coating paste). The shape of the resulting cracks depends on the layer thickness of the two components and the drying time. The second varnish layer does not dry to become waterproof, so after a day of drying time, coat the cracked surface with Pentart Solvent varnish!