i-Crafter Tool, i-Mend Self Mending MAGNETIC PRO Deck – 1pc

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We’ve taken the die cutting experience to a whole new, game changing, level with our i-Mend MAGNETIC PRO self-mending die cutting deck! We’ve invented a cutting deck that resists warping, cracking and scratching making it a long-lasting value. Next, we made it magnetic to make it even more versatile when used with thin metal dies. A totally unique, self-mending cutting deck for your physical die cutting machine.

Use this self-mending cutting deck in place of one of your hard cutting decks and experience something totally different. Results may vary when using with intricate dies or thicker cardstock. If your intricate dies emboss instead of cut we suggest using hard, plastic cutting decks.

MAGNETIC PRO deck dimensions are 6 1/8 in x 9 in {15.56 cm x 22.5 cm}. Sized to fit physical die cutting machines with a 6 1/8 in wide opening. Sandwich heights may vary so test sandwiches using scrap paper first. 

Tested and proven to work with many of the high-pressure, physical die cutting machines including the Crafters Companion Gemini Jr., Sizzix Vagabond and original Big Shot, Spellbinders Platinum 6 and We R Memory Keepers Evolution machines.

NOTE: Follow the Sandwich Chart to avoid direct contact of the PRO Deck surface with machine rollers.

No more warping or cracking sounds as it runs through the machine. 

  • Start by using the least amount of pressure. See sandwich recommendation chart
  • For your first die cut, test your sandwich with a scrap piece of card stock
  • If you are using a recommended sandwich and need additional pressure, add an i-crafter thin Shim and repeat. If the die is intricate and is embossing instead of cutting, stop and use the recommended standard hard plastic cutting pad sandwich.
  • Never force anything through your die cutting machine
  • Avoid exposing the i-Mend PRO Deck to heat

Our self-mending PRO deck heals itself and cuts smoothly. Clean the i-Mend PRO Deck with cold water and gentle scrubbing to remove small bits of paper from the surface.