Scrap Chicks Loyalty Bag

Scrap Chicks Loyalty Bag

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Welcome to our Loyalty Program! 

Scrap Chicks wanted to offer a program where we could be as generous to you as you are as our customers.

To get your "Scrap Chicks Loyalty Bag", you pay a one time fee of only $15.00. 

Every time through out the year when a month has 5 Fridays, we celebrate the loyalty program on the LAST Friday/Saturday.  Honoring it over two days ensures everyone has a chance to shop.  Just bring in your bag and receive an instant 20% off everything in it!

NOTE: Clearance merchandise, Promo items, Kits, Classes, Preorders and Gemini die cutting machines, CAT and Misti are NOT eligible.  Also excludes previous purchases, special orders, and Facebook Live purchases. Everything else qualifies.

The opportunity to use your bag will occur several times a year.  We will always announce the dates in advance. In addition, you also have the opportunity to use the bag for 20% off one time in the month of your birthday.  So, buy the bag, bring the bag, receive an instant 20% savings on your entire purchase!

NOTE - the "Scrap Chicks Loyalty bag will be available to all our ONLINE customers as well. Your bag will be mailed to you when we ship your order. If you live too far away to use it in person, your "Virtual" bag will be registered and eligible to be used on the specials dates throughout the year.  Just email and ask for your loyalty code.  Enter it at check out, and receive 20% off you order at check out!