Imagine Tool, Palette Knife Set 3pc

Imagine Tool, Palette Knife Set 3pc

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Versatile Palette Knives are lightweight, durable and easy to clean.

  • Apply pastes, paint and other mediums
  • Spread Creative Medium over a stencil
  • Lift Creative Medium to create dramatic texture
  • Mix colors on the IMAGINE Crafts Craft Mat

Three-piece set includes:

  • Offset trowel: Use for spreading and smoothing large areas
  • Offset diamond trowel: Use to reach small areas
  • Scotty knife: Use for spreading, scraping and adding texture


  • Clean tools with warm soapy water
  • When using with acrylics, paints or pastes, clean immediately after use
  • Build-up of paint and pastes generally can be removed easily by scraping