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Crafters have been frustrated long enough with the "extra" embossing powder left on their image that accidentally gets heated and destroys the fine details of your embossed images. This Magic Anti-Static Powder from Pink and Main is going to help you get rid of this problem once and for all. 

Contents:  One 1 ounce package of Magic Anti-Static Powder Refill for the Magic Anti-Static Brush (sold separately) from Pink and Main. 


  • The Anti-Static Powder Refill is designed by Pink and Main. 
  • The Magic Anti-Static Powder is made in the USA. 
  • The package of Magic Anti-Static Powder includes one ounce of powder. 
  • This Anti-Static Powder is a cosmetic grade powder. 
  • The powder should be stored in a cool, dry place. 
  • Convenient, lightweight, and perfect for on-the-go crafting. 
  • There are instructions included in this package. 

This Magic Anti-Static powder will truly change the way you look at embossing. It is so frustrating to have those "extra" lines on your projects from the powder sticking where you do not want it to. This Magic powder is so easy to use and will make such a difference, you will wonder how you lived without it. 


To lessen the static on your projects and to have less embossing powder where you do not want it, brush this Anti-Static Powder over your paper before using glitter, flock, sequins, or embossing powders (sold separately). 

 How to Use This Product With the Anti-Static Magic Brush (sold separately): 

  • Fill the small pot 3/4 full with the powder and screw it into the bottom of the brush. 
  • When ready to use, remove the clear cap, push the brush guard down, and brush the powder over your paper. 
  • Continue embossing as usual. 
  • When the image is cool, you can brush off any remaining Magic Anti-Static Powder with a clean, dry cloth. 

Once you use this amazing powder, you will wonder how you lived without it and it will become a staple in your craft stash. This powder is so easy to use and with the coordinating brush (sold separately), you will be embossing and creating beautiful projects once again without all the extra heated powder showing up where it is not wanted. Such a small tool that will make such a big difference!