SL Tool, Wax Seal Starter Kit Essentials Tools

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SL Wax Seal Starter Kit Essentials Tools 135x190x45mm 1 PC nr.01

The Studio Light Wax Seal Starter Kit provides versatility for a wide range of creative projects. This kit is an ideal choice for various projects, including crafting wedding invitations, designing maps, crafting retro-style letters and manuscripts, embellishing envelopes and parcels, personalizing cards, engaging in crafts, sealing gifts, preserving wine, and crafting party invitations, among many other crafting ventures.

To use this kit effectively, simply melt the wax and use the included wax stamp. Inside the package, you'll find a spoon, a wax warmer, a handle, a stamp, and pink wax beads. The stamp itself features a heart design, encircled by the phrase "Made with Love" repeated three times, adding a heartfelt touch to your creations.