Spellbinders Tool, 12" Paper Trimmer & Scorer

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Paper Trimmer is a 6 x 12-inch trimmer that includes one cutting blade and one scoring blade. The transparent cutting rail ensures straight cuts and accommodates both gray cutting blade and cream scoring blade, with room to store up to two at a time. There are easy to read measurements in both English and Metric units on the trimmer base. Rubberized feet ensure the trimmer will stay in place while in use. The extension arm on the left side of the trimmer can be left closed to cut paper up to 6 in./152.4mm wide or open to measure paper up to 17.25 in./438mm. When closed, the extension arm clicks into place to remain secure.

How to Change Blade Carriage:

  1. Slide the blade carriage down the cutting rail to the blade removal groove. When nearing the groove, begin pulling the blade carriage up at a 45-degree angle and continue to slide down until the carriage comes free.
  2. Set the new blade carriage into the groove at a 45-degree angle. Push the carriage down as you slide it up the cutting rail to fully seat the carriage in place.

Use with Caution: Sharp Blade is a cutting hazard. Contact may result in injury. Always keep blades away from fingers and body. Keep out of reach of children.