Scor-Pal Tool The Stacker

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Can't find the roll of tape on your desk?

The Stacker is the answer! It's like having a helping hand!


  • A perfect way to store and use Scor-Tape so your rolls can always be found
  • Stack multiple widths of tape rolls and works on all brands that have a 3" (75mm) core
  • Holds any spools with a 3" core like foam tape
  • Solid base with non-skid pads prevents scratches
  • Multi-purpose organizer to keep your work surface clear
  • Fairly heavy, so stays put on your work table
  • Very easy to fill. Aquarium gravel, small pebbles, ball bearings or sand can be used. Liquids cannot be used
  • Central storage compartment is perfect for storing your most used tools such as a pencil/pan, small fussy cut scissors, bone folder, ruler etc.

Total Height: 4 7/8"

Column Size: 4 1/4"

Core Size: 3" diameter