Totally-Tiffany Storage, Buddy Bag - Chasity

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Easy To Organize - Buddy Bag - Chasity

  • Store and organise your inkpads - The Chasity Buddy Bag from Totally Tiffany is sized and designed to hold up to 28 square inkpads or 12 small pots.
  • Customisable craft storage - Comes with four sturdy insert trays, each sized to hold 
    seven inkpads. Plus 30 inkpad stickers. So you can arrange and label your stash. 
  • Visible and accessible - The clear and sturdy plastic material means that you can see what’s inside. Easy to find exactly what you’re looking for right when you need it! 
  • Perfectly portable - A sturdy grab handle on the left hand size makes the Chasity Buddy Bag easy to pick up and take to craft workshops or to make on the go. It also means you can pull the bag from a shelf or table quickly and easily. 

Bag Dimensions:

13.1”  x 3.25”  x 4.25” 

Tray Dimensions:

3” x 4” x 3”